Ray Turner

About Me

I am Ray Turner from Water Valley, MS and my primary focus right now is landing a job as entry level software developer. My home town is known mainly for it's farmers and annual Watermelon Carnival, but is currently in era of upcoming software developers showing some of Mississippi's true talent. I am a student at Base Camp Coding Academy, and I am interested in becoming a software developer.

I find myself entering the world of coding and I love to make websites, finding different ways to solving problems, and even making games when I get the chance. It can be very challenging at times, but nothing worth true value is ever easy.



Front-end HTML/CSS/JavaScript

ESPN-Styled Ticker

This application was inspired by the espn ticker. It displays various messages across the screen.

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Front End HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Rental Store

This program presents a user friendly application that allows the user to check the stock, price, and see the inventory. Rent allows the user to rent and return the items.

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Views and Tests

We have started a bit more of test-driven development. We have been using test.py to help test the classes from views.py.

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